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doc: Limitation to SIGUSR1 usage on Androiddevel_v2.18.5_local_changes
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- Store service id in callback table
- Store function pointer in callback table
+#### Android: Thread termination
+On Android, `pthread_cancel` is not available in bionic. So current
+implementation uses *SIGUSR1* and `pthread_kill` to terminate housekeeper
+thread. Due to this, application which is linked to DLT library should not
+define *SIGUSR1*.
### Communication between DLT daemon and DLT user library
The communication mechanism (IPC) used between DLT daemon and DLT user library
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+### Limitation
+On Android, definition of `SIGUSR1` in DLT application shall be avoided since
+DLT library blocks `SIGUSR1` to terminate housekeeper thread at exit.
## General Rules for Logging
### Be Smart