BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Gateway_updatesdlt-client: logging: Extended the receiver buffer sizeManikandan C4 years
baserock/morphsAdd morphologyJonathan Maw10 years
devel/lib_filetransfer_failfiletransfer: Return error if no free spaceSaya Sugiura7 months
devel/vari_correctionlib: Correct VARI usage in dlt_user_log_write_uintSaya Sugiura7 months
devel_2.18.7Update ReleaseNotes and version to v2.18.7Saya Sugiura12 months
devel_codeql_analysisCreate codeql-analysis.ymlSaya Sugiura21 months
devel_contact_info_updateContact information updateSaya Sugiura16 months
devel_gtest_fixtests: Deplicate unused files and variablesSaya Sugiura6 months
devel_include_pathcmake: Set WITH_LEGACY_INCLUDE_PATH to ON as defaultSaya Sugiura9 months
devel_pthread_setname_npReplace prctl with pthread_setname_np to set thread nameJeevan Ramakant Nagvekar10 months
devel_release_v2.18.8Update ReleaseNotes and version to v2.18.8Saya Sugiura9 months
devel_travis-ci_comREADME: Switch from to travis-ci.comSaya Sugiura19 months
devel_v2.18.5_local_changesdoc: Limitation to SIGUSR1 usage on AndroidSaya Sugiura18 months
devel_v2.18.8lib: Fix wrong type alert from lgtmSaya Sugiura9 months
dynamic_buffer_allocDynamic allocation of msg bufferManikandanC4 years
logstorage_bug_fixLog storage - Fix for multiple file creation errorManikandan C4 years
mastertests: Deplicate unused files and variables (#359)Saya Sugiura6 months
other_improvementsRemove unnecessary reference to zlib in .pc fileNguyen Dinh Thi4 years
posix_complianceUse poll in the dlt-daemon for POSIX complianceManikandanC4 years
revert-238-gcc-10-fix-2Revert "dlt_offline: fix build failures with gcc-10"Saya Sugiura22 months
static_to_dlt_staticrename #define STATIC to DLT_STATICManikandan C4 years
v2.11.xPrepared fix release v2.11.1Alexander Wenzel8 years
v2.6.1Add _GNU_SOURCE Definition to be able to use O_CLOEXEC.Lassi Marttala10 years
v2.6.2Updated documentation, release notes and readme for v2.6.2 releaseChristian Muck10 years
v2.7.1Stable release v2.7.1 - Update of documentation,release notes and other versi...Christian Muck10 years
v2.7.2Created bugfix branch v2.7.2 from v2.7.1Christian Muck10 years
v2.7.xCreated bugfix branch v2.7.2 from v2.7.1Christian Muck10 years
v2.9.xCreate branch v2.9.1 for fix releaseLassi Marttala10 years