BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix OverflowError on 64-bit systems when backing up symlinks with uid or gidowsla13 years
r0-10Use rdiff_backup/* files, not src/* files.bescoto20 years
r0-12Backport for selection bugfix/addition reported by Daniel Richard G.bescoto17 years
r0-6For some reason this seemed to be messed up beforeben21 years
r1-0preparing for 1.0.5 releasedgaudet16 years
r1-2Fix OverflowError on 64-bit systems when backing up symlinks with uid or gidowsla13 years
r1-3-3rdiff-backup-r1-3-3.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-2-8rdiff-backup-r1-2-8.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-3-2rdiff-backup-r1-3-2.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-2-7rdiff-backup-r1-2-7.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-2-6rdiff-backup-r1-2-6.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-3-1rdiff-backup-r1-3-1.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-2-5rdiff-backup-r1-2-5.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-3-0rdiff-backup-r1-3-0.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-2-4rdiff-backup-r1-2-4.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
r1-2-3rdiff-backup-r1-2-3.tar.gz  cvs2svn14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2003-11-24This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'merged-0-13'.merged-0-13cvs2svn0-0/+0
2003-11-24Added changelog and man page entry for restore selection patchbescoto2-3/+9
2003-11-24Restore excludes now leave existing files on target alonebescoto4-20/+82
2003-11-18Incorporated changes from local spec filebescoto2-8/+17
2003-11-18Removed macros from Source: linebescoto2-9/+21
2003-11-10Added restore --exclude todobescoto1-6/+2
2003-11-06Simple script that mimicks rdiff, can help check rdiff-backup's librsyncbescoto1-0/+69
2003-11-04Mainly fix for spurious backing up because of uname/gnamebescoto2-7/+9
2003-11-04Added more to regress error recovery schemebescoto1-4/+16
2003-11-02Fix for daylight savingsbescoto2-4/+8