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* Announce the move to github in the readme file.HEADmasterClaudiu Popa2015-12-101-57/+2
* Change the attribute check for using hasattr instead of looking explicitly in...Claudiu Popa2015-12-081-1/+1
* Give a nice error message when Graphviz is not installed. Closes issue #168.Emile Anclin2015-12-082-0/+20
* Use the new .ctx attribute for subscripts for detecting in which context the ...Claudiu Popa2015-12-081-25/+9
* Merged in jakirkham/pylint/issue_538_pt2 (pull request #315)Claudiu Popa2015-12-0717-70/+224
| * Allow statements in if or try blocks containing imports.Laura M?dioni2015-12-024-8/+39
| * Move the construction of generated_members into open.Claudiu Popa2015-12-071-10/+10
| * Added a new error, 'relative-beyond-top-level'.Claudiu Popa2015-12-065-10/+57
| * Make pylint work with new astroid exceptions, AstroidImportError and AstroidS...Claudiu Popa2015-12-065-23/+19
| * Don't emit super-on-old-class on classes with unknown bases.Claudiu Popa2015-12-064-23/+23
| * Accept only functions and methods for the deprecated-method checker.Claudiu Popa2015-12-033-3/+83
* | pylint/ Add another check of the current working directory for `.py...issue_538_pt2John Kirkham2015-12-021-0/+2
* Disable persistence for test_self.Claudiu Popa2015-12-021-0/+1
* Try to register the else-if checker explicitly instead on relying on path ass...Claudiu Popa2015-12-021-4/+2
* Remove import which was imported twice.Claudiu Popa2015-12-011-1/+1
* Don't emit import-self and cyclic-import for relative imports of modules with...Claudiu Popa2015-12-016-4/+40
* Refactor things through the imports checkerClaudiu Popa2015-12-014-67/+92
* Add else-if-used rule functional testLaura M?dioni2015-11-302-0/+75
* fix elif-used ruleLaura M?dioni2015-11-301-18/+4
* Add changelog entry for 0c2ba76Claudiu Popa2015-11-301-0/+9
* Fix a crash which occurred when old visit methods are encounteredClaudiu Popa2015-11-303-9/+29
* Don't emit unsubscriptable-object if the node is found inside an abstract cla...Claudiu Popa2015-11-302-0/+28
* Add wrong-import-position to check_messages's decorator arguments for ImportC...Claudiu Popa2015-11-304-2/+38
* Don't use .iteritems, it doesn't exist on Python 3. Change some variable name...Claudiu Popa2015-11-291-11/+8
* pylint extension to check for use of "else if" instead of "elsif"Laura M?dioni2015-11-271-0/+76
* Add some more comments about the limitations of this ruleLaura M?dioni2015-11-242-3/+10
* Drop printLaura M?dioni2015-11-241-2/+0
* Use a stack of dictionaries instead of 3 dictsLaura M?dioni2015-11-243-30/+25
* Remove test on str.split() since there is no support for inference on split f...Laura M?dioni2015-11-242-11/+5
* check if the type of a variable is redefined (at a function, class or module ...Laura M?dioni2015-10-308-5/+149
* Added a new warning, 'unsupported-delete-operation'Claudiu Popa2015-11-265-21/+154
* Added a new warning, 'unsupported-assignment-operation'Claudiu Popa2015-11-265-9/+162
* Simplify the protocol methods, by using a common function.Claudiu Popa2015-11-261-41/+12
* Ignore multiple comparisons in unneeded-not ruleLaura M?dioni2015-11-252-0/+7
* Make some imports external instead of considering them localClaudiu Popa2015-11-251-3/+3
* Change the variable name to something more suggestiveClaudiu Popa2015-11-251-6/+7
* Fix some docstrings and the Python 3 testsClaudiu Popa2015-11-255-8/+10
* Add ChangeLog entry for issue #692.Claudiu Popa2015-11-251-1/+11
* Fix new import related errors in pylint's codebase.Claudiu Popa2015-11-2520-45/+51
* Improve a bit wrong-import-position code and add commentsLaura M?dioni2015-11-241-7/+11
* Simplify a bit the algorithm checking for ungrouped importsLaura M?dioni2015-11-241-12/+8
* Remove a chunk of code that was never executedLaura M?dioni2015-11-231-3/+0
* Factorize code in _record_import methodLaura M?dioni2015-11-231-9/+13
* slightly change wrong-import-position message and add forgotten functional testLaura M?dioni2015-11-123-2/+26
* Check imports are located at the top of the module (right after docstring and...Laura M?dioni2015-11-1042-63/+104
* Check imports are ordered (standard, 3rd party, local) and grouped by packageLaura M?dioni2015-11-0914-10/+132
* Add ChangeLog entry for issue #670.Claudiu Popa2015-11-251-0/+4
* Fix instances of unneeded-not in pylint's codebase.Claudiu Popa2015-11-258-9/+8
* Add is to the checked operatorsLaura M?dioni2015-11-243-1/+4
* Fix crash with 'in' operator on unneeded-notLaura M?dioni2015-10-293-2/+9